CITEL offers a range of isolating spark gaps and lightning counters.

  • Isolating spark gap

    These spark gaps are designed to protect metallic elements, like antennas, poles, pipes, and roofing equipment which are not connected to earth or a Lightning Protection System against the risk of a flashover during a lightning strike.

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  • Lightning counter

    Lightning counters are designed to detect and record the impulse current conducted by the down conductor of the lightning protection system or by the earthing wire of a surge protective device.

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  • Obstruction light

    OBSTA, a subsidiary of CITEL group is specialized in manufacturing long life obstruction lights for more than 20 years based on cold neon discharge, led and xenon technology.

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  • Monitoring relay

    Automatic AC voltage monitoring relay for 230V and 120V network

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  • Smart SPD Tester

    Smart SPD tester

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