Telecommunication and data transmission devices (PBX, Modems, Data terminals..) are becoming increasingly vulnerable to lightning-induced voltages surges. These devices are becoming more complex, sensitive and share a common grounding connection with other networks. So CITEL developed a range of surge protectors for Telecom/Data networks and Industrial networks.

  • DIN Rail Telecom/Data surge protector

    DLA and DLU surge protectors are designed to protect, against surge voltages dues to lightning, terminals equipment connected to industrial buses, telecom lines or datalines.

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  • Telecom/Data surge protector -1 to 4 pair

    The B180, B280 and B480 units are designed to protect, against surge voltages, terminals connected to telephone or data networks.

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  • Plug-in surge protector

    CITEL has developed a range of surge protection modules for low voltage lines or telecom equipment connected to the network via a splitter connection strips (LSA +) or MDF connector block. Available in 1-10 pairs.

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  • RJ surge protector

    The RJ family of surge protectors devices are designed to protect sensitive digital devices connected to the analog telephone lines (PSTN) (ISDN) or ADSL against surges. They are equipped with RJ11 or RJ45 connectors.

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  • Accessories for E280 plug-in modules